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Ideas for painting a bedroom in blue

The blue color is very versatile, you can get in many different environments. Generally this color is associated with the male audience, the proof is baby clothes, for a boy, the clothing is usually blue and pink for baby girls. But as we will see in this post, with the blue color you can paint a bedroom for children and adults in relaxing or not so relaxing environment.

All environments that can be achieved with this color tone is by how you choose the complement, for example if you choose a soft blue tone and combine it with the white, the result is a quiet and relaxing environment, as in the photo below.

soft blue bedroom design combined with white

However, if we choose a stronger blue tone and also combine it with white, instead of giving us a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, what we got is a more youthful atmosphere.

youthful bedroom ideas with stronger blue tone

According to experts in chromotherapy, blue is a soothing color , which is great for painting a bedroom. But not all blue tones are soothing and appropriate to achieve this temperature. A light shade of blue combined with other colors especially with white create a relaxing environment as in the picture below.

relaxing bedroom ideas with light blue colors

But if instead of painting with a light shade, we choose a dark, rather than achieve a relaxing atmosphere, what we get is a more serious, cool and modern space, as in this bedroom.

modern bedroom decor with dark blue colors

As you see the blue can get a multitude of environments, relaxing, modern, cold, etc. You only have to choose your ideal environment and from there combine it with the other colors that best suit your needs.

With this color you can also create other personal environments. In a bedroom with white wooden furniture if you choose a dark sailor blue you can make it look as you can see in this picture.

dark blue sailor bedroom with white wooden furniture

So far we have only seen multiple combinations of blue and white and see only those two colors that can create multiple contrasts, but this color also goes well with other bright colors such as green. The combination of both results in a more cheerful and youthful bedroom as in the picture below.

blue bedroom decor with green accents

Although only the walls are painted blue, the combination of supplements like green curtains and cushions create a wonderful contrast.

The same happens if we combine this color with the orange, the result is a bedroom with bright colors for youth environments.

youthful bedroom ideas with blue and orange

We hope that these ideas and tips can help you decide how to paint the bedroom in blue.

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