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Elegant and sober paint color ideas for living rooms

Let’s take a look at this entry through images and explanations of elegant and sober paint color ideas for your living rooms.

A simple but elegant decor should avoid using bright and vivid colors, sober colors rather seeks to provide serenity without highlighting too and creating a unified, harmonious whole stay.

The colors most suitable for this type of decoration are neutrals: white, gray, beige, soft creams, soft brown and ivory among the highlights. Using these colors and the combination of them can achieve an elegant and sober environment.

For example as you see this living room is painted in light gray, providing a sense of unity to the entire room and adds a touch of simple elegance.

elegant light gray living room

Same with this other room, the color is very dark brown and not get the same, a touch of serene, quiet and elegant.

quiet and elegant dark brown living room

Of course depending on the colors you choose such as neutral, we can get different contrasts. We can create warm, thanks to the large amount of natural light you have and the less clear gray tone with which the walls have been painted, it remains an elegant, sober and warm living room.

living room paint color ideas

But if instead of a warm we are looking for a more cold and metallic, we can get it with a darker gray, black and white to create a perfect harmony between them. As in this living room.

gray painted metal living room

As you can see, the walls have a dark gray tone, some accessories in black and sofas upholstered in white which gives a more cold feeling and without leaving the elegant and sober metal line.

If instead of choosing colors for furniture contrasting with the walls, you should choose similar colors, the atmosphere will be equally simple and elegant but somewhat sad and off, as in this living room.

dark gray living room with black furniture

If you look at the detail of flowers and lilac roses and white cushions, they are several things that adds some contrast and joy to this living room. Without these details the room would be a very sad and dull.

We hope these tips will help you choose the color of elegant and serene living room.

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