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Decorate the walls of your living room with recycled pallets

In our last article we’ve talked about ideas to decorate the living room with furniture made of recycled pallets, so today we’ll give you ideas to decorate the walls of your living room with the same objects.

recycled pallets to decorate the walls of living room

The idea that we bring you today is very original and captivating, but also very risky because not every home can look good, so before getting down to work, better to do a simulation with familiar Photoshop or another program to see if we ‘ll like it or not.

The first is to remove all tables from the pallets we need to cover the wall, use the most smooth and they should in better shape.

To cover the wall with wooden tables , can be done in two ways. One is screwing battens on the wall and then nail the wooden tables, like laminated flooring but we put them on the wall instead. And the second way is faster and easier, it should be screwed by long screws and glue boards on the wall.

rustic living room with recycled pallets wall

The result is a very original wall, so that it gives a rustic precious in the entire living room. It takes a lot of work but if you like it is not cost you anything to wear to work.

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  • “Decorate the walls of your living room with recycled pallets | Home
    Decor Interior Ideas” ended up being a great posting.
    If perhaps it possessed even more photos this might be possibly even a
    lot better. Take care ,Mariano

  • trina

    Do you have to plain the boards before you put them on the wall? also do they coat the wood with a polycrylic or anything?

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