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48 ideas for decorating a modern living room

Today HomyIdea will give you simple and practical ideas on how to decorate a living room , but as everyone has their tastes and decorative style preferred, it would be useless to do an article where there’s only one or two tips and ideas for decorating a modern living room. So we wanted to compile a collection of 50 ideas to decorate living rooms today, contemporary, modern, all different styles, with different colors, furniture and textiles so you can easily find and pick one that suits your tastes and you may take the necessary ideas to decorate your living room.

Most living rooms are distinguished above all in the paint as it is the most effective way of completely new and fresh air to a space, we do not focus much on the furniture because we know that everybody is not interested to change all the household furniture as it involves a high cost and do not affordable for many in these times.

But that does not mean that you can not change the furniture of your living room for four drives. If you need ideas for it you might want to decorate it with recycled objects such as the recycled pallets.

1. If what you like is a quiet, relaxing and enjoyable living room, you can use one of the softer colors, pale pink. It is a very soft color that when applied somewhere it immediately acquires a tinge warm and comfortable space such as in this living room.

modern pale pink living room ideas

2. If you want a more casual style, hippie, happy and positive environments, a combination of several bright colors can really transform your living room into a more lively and fun one.

modern bright colorful living room ideas

3. A lovely shade of pink combined with pure white, can result in a dramatic modern and elegant living room but with a casual touch.

modern and elegant pink and white living room design

4. The combination of white and black in their correct doses, always ensure modern, elegant and sophisticated decor.

modern elegant and sophisticated black and white living room

5. For those who think that white is an unfashionable color to decorate a living room, you have to tell them that there is nothing further from their wrong thoughts. Because white is the color of choice for decorating any style, whether modern, rustic, minimalist, etc.

modern white living room decor

6. A pretty patterned paper and purple roses accompanied by soft pink and white on the walls, can turn a living room into a spectacular space full which of color and harmony.

modern living room decor with white and soft pink colors

7. A simple wall painted with orange on a strong note, give a lot of personality to the living room. This combined with a suitable color result in a modern and current decor.

modern orange living room

8. The orange line for decoration can create a fresh, modern and vibrant environment. We just need a bright orange and white for color contrast, it will make a very modern and fresh space.

modern living room with bright orange and white colors

9. A monochromatic scheme is another good option for decorating a modern living room. Even if you choose this option, the color should be in a lighter or neutral tone like a pale pink.

modern living room design with monochromatic scheme

10. The turquoise is very fashionable lately to paint the walls, and there is no better color to match turquoise with white, providing freshness and personality to the space.

modern turquoise living room decor

11. A light brown tone accompanied by a neutral color in textiles as gray, cream or beige, make the purchase an elegant, sober, calm and warm living room.

elegant and sober living room decor with neutral tone colors

12. Another very successful colors are black and white to decorate a modern living room or any other space in gray. This is the place which creates a contemporary twist to timeless convenient time.

modern gray living room ideas

13. As we saw earlier, the brown color is always a great ally to achieve an elegant and sober environment. Obviously depending on the shades chosen the result will be different. In this case the brown is much darker but blends perfectly with the immaculate white walls and the sofa creating a current and modern space.

elegant and sober chocolate brown living room with red accent

14. Radically changing the subject, with a pistachio green acid always accompanied by white colors achieve a living space with a merry, modern, and very striking environment.

modern living room ideas with pistachio green

15. A pale pink walls, with curtains to sift the light soft colors, all this accompanied by textiles in soft colors, resulting a modern living room with a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

modern and cozy living room with pale pink walls

16. As we said before, white and black are the easiest and right option to transform any room into a more modern and current environment. You just have to know how to find the right amount of each color to apply.

modern black and white living room ideas

17. Blue, on the walls, with beautiful flowers transform a virtually empty hall, a place with full of life and color. This is another good option when you have lots of space and little furniture. It is an original way to fill that empty space. Although it is highly recommended that such applications in confined spaces.

modern blue living room decor

18. The greens are very versatile as we have seen before such as pistachio green, with white acid could decorate a living room with a very fresh and summery feeling, but thanks to the variety of greens, it can also accomplish other more sober and serene room like this for example.

fresh living room design with pistachio green and white acid

19. The rustic decor, currently in vogue. Although it may seem contradictory, you can also create a modern living room with this type of decoration, we just have to find the right colors and materials. As in this room for example. English red painted walls accompanied by a fake stone wall with two deer heads, sadly and dark leather sofas have made this room besides having a rich hue, a modern rustic space. We could not pass up the opportunity to mention that there are much more alternative, practical and less aggressive, violent and unpleasant way to decorate without a real deer heads.

modern rustic red living room ideas

20. A decoration that could instantly make a place into a modern, minimalist decor is based on a zen style.

zen style living room

21. Of course to get a modern look for our living room we can not forget the wallpapers, these we offer a multitude of decorative options to decorate the room. In this case one gold and brown striped wallpaper accompanied by a broken target in the other walls give rise to a new and modern space. Besides the stripes itself give a sense of depth to this narrow room.

modern living room ideas with wallpapers

22. Notice that there is such a simple way to decorate a living room with modern ambiance. Only need a brown wallpaper in this case, together with some original and beautiful curtains with a matching pattern could automatically transforms the entire room.

modern living room ideas with brown wallpapers

23. Black, white and gray. Another example of how these colors are perfect for decorating a modern living room, yes, a little cold.

modern black, white and gray living room

24. And here is another example of with just using the paint can completely decorate a room. In this case a light brown accompanied by a white make the room acquires a tinge sober and elegant space, the horizontal line in off-white gives a very modern touch.

elegant and sober living room with light brown colors

25. And it does not need a lot of colors or a too loaded palette, sometimes with a simple gray, and a perfectly contrasting textiles can achieve the most modern living room.

modern simple gray living room with contrasting textiles

26. Another example of how white is the best color out there to decorate any room and any space. The whole living room painted in pure white with a subtle but effective decorative vinyl, accompanied by this whole strategically chosen curtains to give the right touch of color needed, have created a beautiful modern living room.

modern pure white living room with purple accent

27. And if you had not clear and you needed more proof, here we bring you another ideas where you can see how the black, white and gray are the best option to decorate any space to get a modern, metallic, almost cold look.

black, white and gray living room with purple accents

28. Another living room design ideas with a simple fake brick wall covers can completely change the look of the room. It is an original way to decorate a modern living room in an easy and cheap way.

modern rustic living room ideas

29. Blue walls and orange tones together are another good option that we can use if you are looking addition to a modern, fresh and cheerful living room.

modern fresh and cheerful living room in blue and orange colors

30. Off-white, golden tones and some subtle pads is all that is needed to create an elegant, warm and welcoming living room. A very simple but effective way to decorate our living room.

elegant and warm white living room ideas

31. The orange wall as seen above accompanied by a beautiful white, also is very wise choice if we want to achieve a modern feel in our living room.

modern orange and white living room decor

32. Pink and blue are another good option to create a modern living room, it can achieve a very attractive space.

pink and blue to create a modern living room

33. Another very successful combination of colors for a contemporary atmosphere is definitely red, gray and black. And if we add some vinyl, the result is spectacular.

red, gray and black to create modern living room

34. Chocolate brown that is evenly distributed throughout the room can create a cozy, elegant and serene space, if we follow the example of this case and added two nice plants, we will create a very natural color palette full of colors from nature, such as brown, the land, the trees and the green leaf itself.

cozy, elegant and serene brown living room

35. But if what you seek is a cool living room, here is another graphic example of how using green, blue and white colors.

green, blue and white to create modern living room

36. Pink has always been a supporter of women, but that does not mean much unless they serve to create a modern living room whoever the person is living.

modern pink living room ideas

37. Another beautiful example is blue and white that can provide perfect results for decorating a living room with a relaxing and current atmosphere.

modern blue and white living room decor

38. As we said before the gray color is very advisable if we want to decorate a modern space, but also use it to practice a technique based on horizontal stripes paint, the end result is much more accentuated.

gray living room with horizontal striped wall

39. We are seeing a lot of ideas for decorating a modern living room with paint, but as you can see in this example, with a nice collection of bags, with plaid and striped textiles, we can achieve a very current almost regardless wall color. Never underestimate the power of textile decoration as they are a fundamental part of this. Not only the painting is the main protagonist in all cases.

plaid and striped textiles to create modern living room

40. We have seen how gray is one of the most successful colors for a modern environment, and we have also seen how the wallpaper is another accessory which we can use to do the same. What if we put the wallpaper and the gray together? If the combination is chosen wisely the result is as spectacular as in this living room.

modern gray living room with wallpapers

41. Here is another example of using wallpaper to match the rest of accessories can decorate a modern living room.

wallpaper ideas to create a modern living room

42. Blue, white and subtle hints of orange manage to turn a living room into a cool, relaxing and very current environment. As in all cases, the key is to choose the right dose for each color.

blue, white and subtle hints of orange to create modern living room

43. Green, chocolate brown, earth tones and wooden furniture. A perfect combination for a living room with a modern and exotic style.

modern exotic living room in green, brown, earth tone and wooden furniture

44. There are other color many people rarely use it when painting a living room. That color is yellow, and if we combine well, as you can see in the next living room, the result is spectacular.

yellow to create modern living room

45. And here’s another example of how the green spaces make happy and fresh, but this time it is combined with pink.

green and pink living room ideas

46. If you do not have any other ideas to decorate your living room with modern style, I never tire of repeating, white and black, black and white, white and black. Do you have clear?

black and white to create modern living room

47. If you want neutral colors such as white or black to create a modern living room, a successful combination for the walls would be orange and white to complete a very contemporary living room.

orange and white living room ideas

48. A modern, fresh, relaxing and warm living room. How? With earth tones, blue and white. Easy right?

blue and earth tones to create modern living room

As you can see, using a particular color palette, and adding some textile accessories and other inexpensive accessories any decor can achieve a modern contemporary living room. Now with these ideas to decorate a living room , no more excuses to fend for ourselves not to work and spend a fitting time to decorate our house.

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